Sandtec has been an established business in Tooele for more than 30 years, started and owned by Dave Egelund. When he passed in 2021, we (Heather and Jason) took over. 

Our lead tech has been an automotive technician since 1996. He started as a specialist in Saabs, working at independent shops and dealerships until 2013. After Saab closed he became an ASE Master Technician and specialized in GM vehicles. For the past five years he has worked on almost every type of vehicle out there, including a classic 1985 Lamborghini. 

Here at Sandtec Automotive you are family. We believe in being Honest, Knowledgeable, Fair & Reliable. 


We want each of our customers to have confidence in the work being completed on their vehicle. We believe in being Honest about your repair and what needs to be done. We will stand behind our work. We want to build a long lasting business relationship with you  and your family. We strive to be someone you can trust. We believe in doing our best to deliver the quality and value we can be proud of. With the training and experience we have, we will answer your questions, explain what needs to be done and why. Here at Sandtec we have the knowledge needed for your repair. 

Contact us today, we look forward to seeing you soon. 

Jason & Heather Katsilas