We understand pricing is important when repairing your vehicle, and sometimes difficult to understand. Because a vehicle has hundreds of parts that can stop working, break, become weak, or are defective, it is very hard to give exact prices for a repair. We do our best to be as accurate as possible and if anything changes during your repair we contact you and discuss options.

Why do charge for diagnostics? 

The best, most honest, fair and effective way to get you the cost of a repair is to properly diagnose your vehicle. This helps us to determine what is really needed. We charge a minimum of one hour for a diagnosis. We do this to ensure that we do the proper repair and include everything that is needed. Even if another shop, a trusted friend, or your uncle Buck has looked at it. 

Our technicians have access to the latest technology, do continuing training and have needed certifications to properly diagnosis your vehicle. We do this diagnosis to ensure excellence and make sure your car is safe to transport you and your family through your daily routine. 

We will stand behind our work and be there for you!